Presented to the LIBRARIES of the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO by

Dun & Brads t tree t

an indication that on© or and the responsibility

those whoso business prefer, in justice to

Heada«arterx also.



Reference Book:





Merchants, Traders and Manufacturers





J -TTXjY; 1013.

R. G. DUN & CO.,

Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton, Lethbridge, London, Montreal, Moose Jaw, Ottawa, Quebec, Regina.

St. John, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver,

Victoria, Winnipeg, Etc.




ALBERTA . 1—77


MANITOBA . 176—257



NOVA SCOTIA . 328—411

ONTARIO . 412-827


QUEBEC . . . I'll . 841—1171



SASKATCHEWAN . . . ...1174—1273 ^



Memorandum of the Agreement between R. G. Dun &Co., proprietors of The Mercantile Agency, on the one part, and the undersigned, Subscribers to the said Agency, on the other part, viz.:

The said proprietors are to communicate to us, on request, for our use in our business, as an aid to us in determining the propriety of giving credit, such information as they may possess concerning the Mercantile Standing and Credit of Merchants, Traders, Manufacturers, etc., throughout the United States and in the Dominion of Canada within North America. It is agreed that such information has been, and shall be, obtained and communicated by agents of different classes, servants, clerks, attorneys, and employes, appointed as our sub-agents, in our behalf, by the said R. G. Dun & Co. The said information to be com¬ municated by the said R. G. Dun & Co., in accordance with the following rules and stipulations, with which we, Subscribers to the Agency as aforesaid, agree to comply faithfully, to wit :

1. All verbal, written or printed informaiion communicated to us, or to such confidential clerk as may be authorized by us to receive the same, and all use of the Reference Book hereinafter named, shall be strictly confidential, and shall never, under any 'circumstances, be communicated to any person outside of our establishment, but shall be exclusively confined to the business of the same.

2. Neither the actual verity nor the correctness of the said information is in any manner guaranteed by the said R. G. Dun & Co. The said R. G. Dun & Co. shall not be responsible for any loss caused by the neglect, error, unfaithfulness, or misconduct of any agent, servant, attor¬ ney, clerk or employe, in procuring, collecting and communicating, or in failing to communicate the said information. The action of the said Agency being of necessity almost entirely confidential in all its depart¬ ments and details, the said R. G. Dun & Co. shall never, under any circumstances, be required by the subscriber to disclose the name of any agent, servant, clerk, attorney or employe, or any fact whatever con¬ cerning him or her, or concerning the means or sources by or from which any information so possessed or communicated was obtained. The said R. G. Dun & Co. shall be under no obligations to communicate any information received by them in the course of the business of their Collection Department.

3. The said R. G. Dun & Co. are hereby requested to place in our keeping, for our exclusive use, a printed copy of a Reference Book, containing ratings or markings of estimated capital and relative credit


.andirig of such business men, in such States as may be agreed upon prepared, by them,- or the agents, servants, clerks, attorneys and employe , aforesaid. We agree that upon the delivery to us of any subsequen edition of The Reference Book, the one now placed in our hands shall be surrendered to them, and also that upon the termination of our relations as subscribers, the copy then remaining in our hands shall be deliverec by us to the said R. G. Dun & Co., it being clearly understood anc agreed upon that the title to said Reference Book is vested and remaim in said R. G. Dun & Co.

4. We will pay in advance Dollars,

for one year’s services of said R. G. Dun & Co., from the date hereof, together with the use of the said Reference Book, pursuant to the fore going conditions, and subject always to the conditions and obligations above-mentioned, the same sum annually thereafter, in advance, unless within ten days after the commencement of any subscription year, we notify the said R. G. Dun & Co. in writing to the contrary. It is fully understood and agreed that the contract between the said parties is fully and entirely expressed hereby, and that there is no parol or verbal contract, agreement or understanding of any kind, whereby the terms hereof are, or can be changed, varied, modified or explained in any manner whatever.

5. In case R. G. Dun & Co. issue sectional parts of the said Reference Book and copies of those parts are loaned to the Subscriber, the same conditions apply as in the case of the loan of the whole book, and the loan is to be made upon the payment of a rental to be agreed upon.

6. R. G. Dun & Co. are hereby permitted to reserve to themselves the right to terminate this subscription at any time, on the repayment of the amount for the unexpired portion thereof.

7. If the inquiries for detailed reports on this contract shall exceed

in number, the excess we agree to pay for at the rate of Dollars per hundred.

8. The conditions and obligations of this agreement are understood by the Subscriber to apply from the time of signing this contract, and to all

information or books furnished to said Subscriber after that time.


The Mercantile Agency.

R. G. DUN & CO.,

Dun Building, 290 Broadway, New York.

Branch Offices in the Following Cities:

ABILENE, Tex., Radford Building.

ALBANY, N. Y„ 49-51 State Street.

ALBUQUERQUE, N. MEX., State Nat’l Bank Bldg., Central Ave. & Second Street.

ALLENTOWN, Pa., Allentown Nat'l Bank Building, 7th St. & Centre Square.

AMARILLO, Tex., Chancelor Building.

ATCHISON, KAN., 120 North Fifth Street.

ATLANTA, Ga., Austell Building.

AUGUSTA, Ga., Dyer Building, Broad St.

AUSTIN, Tex., Driskill Bldg., 604 Brazos St

BALTIMORE, Md„ Maryland Trust Bldg., Calvert & German Streets.

BANGOR, Me., Columbia Bldg., 15 Columbia Street.

BEAUMONT, Texas, Pearlstein Building.

BEAVER FALLS, Pa., 1215 Seventh Ave.

BINGHAMTON, N. Y., Phelps Bank Bldg. 18 Chenango Street.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Woodward Building First Ave. & 20th Street.

BOSTON, Mass , 3 Winthrop Square and 36 Otis Street.

BRIDGEPORT, Conn., 83 Fairfield Avenue

BUFFALO, N. Y., Dun Bldg., 112 Pearl St.

BUTTE, MONT., First National Bank Bldg., Broadway and Main Street.

CAIRO, III., 613 Ohio Street.

CANTON, O., The Courtland, 119 North Court Street.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, Cedar Rapids Savings Bank Building.

CHARLESTON, S. C., 191 Meeting Street.

CHARLESTON, W. Va., Citizens’ National Bank Building.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Hamilton Nat’l Bank Bldg , Seventh & Market Streets.

CHICAGO, III., New York Life Building, La Salic & Monroe Streets.

CINCINNATI, O., Ingalls Bldg., Fourth & Vine Streets.

CLEVELAND, O., Century Building, 414 Superior Ave. N. W.

COLUMBIA, S. C., Nat’l Loan & Exchange Bank Building.

COLUMBUS, Ga., Gilbert Building, l?^ East Twelfth Street

COLUMBUS, O., Brunson Building, 145 N. High Street.

DALLAS, TEXAS, 1205 & 1207 Main Street.

DAVENPORT, IOWA, Putnam Building, Second <fc Main Streets.

DAYTON, O., Conover Bldg., Third & Main Streets.

DENVER, Col., Exchange Building. 15th & Arapahoe Streets.

DES MOINES, Iowa, Securities Building, 412-416 Seventh Street.

DETROIT, Mich., Union Trust Building.

DUBUQUE, Iowa, Kiene Building, Fourth & Main Streets.

DULUTH, Minn., Lonsdale Bldg., Superior Street & Third Avehue West.

EASTON, Pa., Northampton «fc Fourth Sts

ELMIRA, N. Y., Hulett Bldg., East Water & Lake Streets.

EL PASO, Texas, Guaranty Trust Bldg.

ERIE, PA., Penn Bldg., State & Eighth Sts.

EVANSVILLE, Ind., 123 Upper First St.

FORT SMITH, Ark., First National Bank Building, Garrison Ave. & Sixth St.

FORT WAYNE, IND., Calhoun & Main Sts.

FORT WORTH, Texas, Dan Waggoner Building, sixth & Houston Streets;

GALVESTON, Texas, Reymershofler Bldg.

GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y., Knox Building, 52-58 South Main Street.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Michigan Trust Co. Building.

GREEN BAY, Wis., Citizens’ Bank Building,

GREENVILLE, S. C., Davenport Building, 118 S.Main Street.

HARRISBURG, Pa., Commonwealth Trust Building, 222 Market Street.

HARTFORD, Conn., 36 Pearl Street

HELENA, Mont., Union Bank & Trust Co., Building, Main Street cor. Edwards.

HOUSTON, Texas, Franklin and Travis Sts,

INDIANAPOPIS, IND., State Lif e Bulding’.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Florida Life Ins. Co. Building, L17 Laura St. 1

JERSEY CITY, N. J., Commercial Trust BuildiDg, 15 Exchange Place.

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Orear-Leslie Building, 1012 Baltimore Avenue.



KEOKUK, IOWA, Y. M. C. A. Building.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., 529-531 Gay Street.

LA CROSSE, wis., Batavian Nat’l Bank Building.

LINCOLN, Neb., Funke Building.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Bank of Commerce Building.

LOS ANGELES, CAL., International Bank Building, Temple & Spring Streets.

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Board of Trade Bldg., Third & Main Streets.

LYNCHBURG, Va., Lynchburg National Bank Building.

LYNN, Mass., Proctor Bldg., 31 Exchange St.

MACON, GA., Fourth National Bank Bldg.

MEMPHIS, Tenn., 40 South Main Street.

MENOMINEE, Mich., First National Bank Building, Main Street & Ogden Ave.

MERIDIAN, Miss., Sixth St. and 22d Ave.

MILWAUKEE, Wis., Wells Building, Wis¬ consin & Milwaukee Streets.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Commercial Bldg., Third Street & First Avenue N.

MOBILE, Ala., St. Francis & Water Sts.

MONTGOMERY, Ala., First National Bank Building, Commerce & Court Square.

MUSKOGEE, Okla., Iowa Building, Second & W. Okmulgee Streets.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Palmer Building, 30^2 Third Avenue N.

NEWARK, N. J., 665-671 Broad Street.

NEW HAVEN, Conn., 129 Church Street.

NEW ORLEANS, La., Camp & Common Sts.

NORFOLK, VA., 71 Plume Street.

OKLAHOMA, Okla., Campbell Building, 10 North Broadway.

OMAHA, Neb., 14th & Farnam Sts.

OTTUMWA, IOWA, 209-211 East Second St.

PADUCAH, Ky., City National Bank Bldg., Fourth Street & Broadway.

PENSACOLA, FLA., American National Bank Building, 226 S. Palafox Street.

PEORIA, III., 301-307 South Adams Street.

PHILADELPHIA, PA., Betz Bldg., Broad Street & South Penn Square.

PITTSBURGH, PA., Liberty Ave. & San¬ dusky Street.

PORTLAND, ME., 31^ Exchange Street.

PORTLAND, Ore., Chamber of Commerce Building.

PROVIDENCE, R. I., 17 Exchange Street.

PUEBLO, COL., Pope Block, Main & Fourth Streets.

QUINCY, III., lOS^u North Fourth Street.

READING, Pa., Farmers’ Nat’l Bank Bldg.

RICHMOND, VA., 9th & Main Sts.

ROCHESTER, N. Y., Rochester German Insurance Building.

ROCKFORD, III., Wm. Brown Building.

SAGINAW, Mich., Eddy Building.

ST. JOSEPH, MO., Corby-Forsee Building.

ST. LOUIS, Mo., Merchants’ Exchange Building, 314 Pine Street.

ST. PAUL, Minn., Commerce Building.

SALT LAKE, Utah, Tribune Building, 149 Socth Main Street.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Alamo National Bank Building, 130 W. Commerce St.

SAN DIEGO, Cal., Timken Building.

SAN FRANCISCO, CAL., -201 Sansome St

SAVANNAH, GA., Germania Bank Bldg. Bull & Congress Streets.

SCRANTON, PA., Connell Bldg., 131 North Washington Avenue.

SEATTLE, WASH., 1201-1206 Alaska Bldg.

SEDALIA, Mo., Citizens Nat l Bank Bldg., Main & Ohio Streets.

SELMA, Ar,A.,Gillman Bldg., Broad Street bet. Water & Alabama Streets.

SHERMAN, Texas, 130 N. Travis Street.

SHREVEPORT, La., First Nat’l Bank Bldg.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa, Metropolitan Block, Fourth & Jackson Streets.

SPOKANE, WASH., Hutton Bldg., Washing- ton Street & Sprague Avenue.

SPRINGFIELD, MASS., Meekins, Packard A Wheat Building, 351 Main Street.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Over Union National Bank, Public Square.

SPRINGFIELD, O., Fairbanks Building Main St., & Fountain Ave.

SYRACUSE, N. Y., Wieting Block, South Salina Street.

TACOMA, Wash., National Realty Building, 1117-1119 Pacific Avenue.

TAMPA, FLA., 501ia Franklin St.

TOLEDO, O., Chamber of Commerce Bldg. 244 Summit Street.

TOPEKA, KAN., Shawnee Fire Building, 701 Jackson Street.

TRENTON, N. J., Forst-Ritcby Building,

TROY, N. Y., Cannon Place, Broadway & Second Street.

UTICA, N. Y., 108-112 Genesee Street.

WACO, Texas, Provident Building.

WASHINGTON, D. C., 613 15th St. N. W.

WATERLOO, IOWA, Commercial Bank Bldg.

WHEELING, W. VA., National Exchange Bank Building, 12th & Main Streets.

WICHITA, KAN., Sedgwick Block, First & Market Streets.

WILKES-BARRE, Pa., West Market & S. Franklin Streets.

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa., Susquehanna Trust & Safe Deposit Co. Building, 120 West Fourth Street-

WILMIN GTON, Del., Equitable Building, Ninth & Market Streets.

WILMINGTON, N. C., Southern Building, Front & Chestnut Streets.

WINSTON-SALEM, N. C., Masonic Temple Building, Fourth & Trade Streets.

WORCESTER, MASS., State Mutual Bldg., . 340 Main Street.

YOUNGSTOWN, O., Mahoning Bank Build¬ ing, Public Square.

ZANESVILLE, O., Masonic Temple, North Fourth Street.


CALGARY, ALBEBTA, 705 Second St. W,

EDMONTON, Albeeta, The Molsons Bank Building, Jasper Avenue East.

HALIFAX, N. S., George & Hollis Streets.

HAMILTON, ONT., 11 Hughson St. South.


LONDON, Ont., Dominion Savings Building. Richmond & King Streets.

1 MONTREAL, Que., Board of Trade Bldg.,

I St. Sacrament Street.



MOOSE JAW, SASK.,34 River St. W.

OTTAWA, Ont., Trust Building, Sparks St>

QUEBEC, Que., 118 St. Peter Street.

REGINA, SASIC., 2125 Eleventh Ave.

ST. JOHN, N. B„ 65 Prince William Street.

SASKATOON, SASK., 229 Twenty-first St

TORONTO, ONT., 70 Bay Street.

VANCOUVER, B. C. , Molsons B’k Chambers

VI CTO RT A, B. C., 408 Pemberton Building.

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Keewayden Build¬ ing, 138 Portage Avenne, East.


HAVANA, Banco Nacional de Cuba Bldg, cor. Cuba & Obispo Streets.


CHIHUAHUA, Calle Aldama 110.

GUADALAJARA, Avenida Corona No. 130 N. N.

GUAYMAS, Esquina Avenida XIII y Calle 23.

MEXICO CITY, 2a Capuchiuas No. 48.

MONTERREY, Esquina Calles Morelos y Puebla.

TORREON, 1411 Avenida Hidalgo.

VERA CRUZ, Avenida Morelos No. 17, Esquina Benitoi Juarez.


BUENOS AIRES, Aeg., Calle San Martin No. 121.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, Jornal do Brazil” Building.


AMSTERDAM, Holland, Heerengracht 577

ANTWERP, Belgium, 1 Rue Jardin Arbale t u ers.

BARCELONA, Spain, Calle de Bilbao 213-

BERLIN, Ger., Cor. Friedrich & Koch Sts.

BILBAO, Spain, Calle de Ercilla 18.

BREMEN, Germany, Gebaude der Disconto Gesellschaft, Ecke Markt.

BRESLAU, Germany, Ring 57.

BRUSSELS, Belgium, 66, Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potageres.

BUDAPEST, Hungary, D6ak t6r 6 (Anker Palais), Budapest VI.

COLOGNE, Germany, Schildergasse 72-74.

DANZIG, Germany, HundegasseNo- 45.

DORTMUND, Germany, Deutsche National Bank Building.

DRESDEN, Ger., Pragerstrasse 54.

DUSSELDORF, Germany, Wilhelmsplatz 3/8 Loewehaus.

ELBEREELD, GERMANY, Altenmarkt 11.

ERFURT, Germany, Anger 10.

FRANKFURT, a/M., Germany, Zeil 104.

GLASGOW, Scotland, Castle Chambers, West Regent Street.

HAMBURG, Germany, Aifcerwall No. 60.

HANOVER, Germany, Prinzenstrasse 13.

HAVRE, France, 6 Rue Anfray. INNSBRUCK, Austria, Anichstr. 5. KONIGSBERG, L PR., GERMANY, Kant- strasse 11.

LEIPZIG, Ger., Dresdner Bank-Geb&ude, Augustusplatz.

LIEGE, Belgium, 1 Rue d’Archls.

LILLE, France, 36 Rue Faidherbe. LISBON, Portugal, 99 Rua do Commercio. LONDON, England, King’s House,” 36 6k 37 King Street, Cheapside.

MADRID, Spain, 6, Calle Echegaray. MAGDEBURG, Ger., Kaiser Strasse 98-99. MALAGA, Spain, Calle Borroso 1. MANNHEIM, Germany, Borse.

MILAN, Italy, Via Meravigli 2 (Angolo via Dante.)

MUNICH, GER. ,Domhof , Kauflngerstrasse 23 MURCIA, SPAIN, Plaza de Chacbn 16-18. NAPLES, ITALY, 5 Via Agostino Depretis. NUREMBERG, Ger. , Konigsstrasse 76 OPORTO, PORTUGAL, 195 Rua do Mouslnho. da Silveira.

PARIS, France, 5 Boulevard Montmartre. PLAUEN, Germany, Wilkehaus Plauen i/v.. PRAGUE, Bohemia, Landesbank - Neuge- baude, N ekazanka 2 .

ROTTERDAM, HOLLAND, Coolsingel 22. SAARBRUCKEN, Ger., ReichStrasse 3. SEVILLE, Spain, 1 Monsalves. STRASSBURG, i/E., Germany, Alter Wein markt 33.

STUTTGART, GERMANY, Konigstrasse 31, B TRIESTE, AUSTRIA, Via S. Nicolo 34. VALENCIA, SPAIN, 2 Calle Sorni. VIENNA, Austria,, Vienna, I., Rotentunn- strasse 27.

ZURICH, Switzerland, Mercdtorium.’


ADELAIDE, S. Australia, 33 Grenfell St. BRISBANE, Queensland, 334-6-8 Queen St- MELBOURNE, 60 Queen Street.

SYDNEY, N. S. W., Challis House, Martin Place.


AUCKLAND, 4 Swanson Street. CHRISTCHURCH, 12 Cathedral Square. DUNEDIN, 9 Bond Street. WELLINGTON, 9 Grey Street.


CAPE TOWN, 23, 24 & 29 Mansion Honse Chambers, Adderley Street.

DURBAN, 2, 3 & 4 Natal Bank Chambers. JOHANNESBURG, Standard Bank Bldgs., Commissioner & Harrison Streets*


Abbreviations Used in Reference Book,

Administrator . Admr

Advertising . Advg

Agent . ...„...Akc

Agricultural Implements. . Ag’l Implies

American... . Am

Association . Ass’n

Automobiles . . Autos

Automobile Supplies . Auto. Supp

Bakery . Bak

Bicycles . ....Bicy

Blacksmith . . . B’ smith

Boots & Shoes . . B. & S

Builder . Bldr

Building . Bldg

Carpenter . Carptr

Chemist or Chemicals . Chem

Clocks . Clks

Clothing . Clo

Commission . ...Com’n

Confectioners . Confec

Contractor . Cont’r

Co-operative . Co-op

Dealers . . . Dlrs

Department . Dept

Distiller with other business . Dist

Dry Goods . . . . . D. G

Electrical . .Elec

Electroplating . Electropltg

Elevator . Elev

Estate of.. . Est

Exchange . Exch

Executor . Exr

Exporter . Exp

Extracts . Ext

Fancy Goods . ...F’cyG

Fertilizers . . Fert

Five & Ten Cents . ...5c. & 10c

Flour & Feed . . . F. & F

Forwarding . . . . . . Fwdg

Foundry . . Fdry

Furnishing . Fum'g

Furniture. . . . Furn

Galvanizing . Galv

General Store . G. S

Goods . Gds

Grocers . Gro

Hardware . . . H’ware

Harness . Ham

Hats & Caps . ........H. & C

Horseshoer . H’shoer

Implements . Implts

Importer . . . Imp

Incorporated . Inc

Instalment . Instal

Instruments . Insts

Insurance . Ins

Jeweler . Jwlr

Jewelry . Jwlry

Jobberp . Job

Leather & Findings. . . . . Lea. Fdgs

Limited.. . ... . Ltd

Liquors . Liq

Livery . Liv

Lumber . . . . .... ,„.Lbz

Machinist or Machinery . . - .Mack

Maker . . . Mki

Manager . ...Mgr

Manufacturers . .............Mfrs

Manufacturing . . . .......Mfg

Materials . ..............Mat’fi

Mercantile . Merc

Merchandise . . . .......Mdse

Merchant . . . . .............. Mer

Metals.. . . . ........................Met

Millinery....... . . . ...Mill’y

Music or Musical . . .......Mus

Notions . Not

Novelties . Nov

Optician or Optical . Opt

Paperhanger . . Pprhgr

Patent . . . . ..Pat

Pharmacists . Phann

Photographer . Photo

Planing Mill . . . ..........Pig. Mill

Plumber . .Plbr

Pockethooks . Pktbooke

Produce . . . . ......Prod

Proprietor . .Prop’r

Provisions . Prov

Publisher . Pub’r

Queensware . . .Q’ware

Real Estate . R. E

Receiving . . Rovg

Repairer . Rep

Restaurant . . . Resrl

Retail . Ret

Rural Delivery.... . R. D

Saddlery & Harness . ....Sad. & Harn

Saloon . Sal

Saw & Grist Mills . S. & G. Mills

Saw & Planing Mills . . . S. & P. Mills

Secondhand . ..2dhand

Sewing Machines . Sewing M

Shipping . Ship’g

Silverplated Ware .... .....851-pltd Ware

Silverplater . . . . . Sil-pltr

Sporting . .....Sptg

Stationery . Stat’y

Supplies . Supp

Temperance . Temp

Tobacco & Cigars . Tob. & Cig

Trimmings . Trim’ga

Turpentine . . Turn

U nder taker . Und

United States. . . U. S

Upholsterers or Upholstery . Uphol

Variety . . . .var

Wallpaper . Wallppr

Watches . . . Wens

Watchmaker . Wchmkr

Wheelwright . W’wright

Wholesale . . . ...Whol

Whol. & Ret . . . . W. & R

Wood working . Woodwkg

Works . . .



The figure and letter which follow the name of each place in this Province Indicate Its geographical location, as shown by the corresponding figures at the sides and letters at the top and bottom of the Map.




Signs and abbreviations used in Gazette©] information:

X, Nearest R.B. St’n. Ex., Express.

A, Banking Town. Pop., Population,

TeL, Tolegraph. M., Miles.

ACME.— 9 E

On C. P. E. Ex., Dom.— TeL. C. I*. R.— A

Beg* Bros. . . ..G.S.K 4

Cock & Coulter.oo . Meat. 3

T Crown Lumber Co. (Limited) . Ret. B-i-1

(Branch of Calgary.)

Flochhart Wx», . G. S.

S Hamer Joseph . Harness. M

S Hope Bros . . . Livery. 3

Hope K. (Mrs. J. F.) . Restaurant. 4

Hutson Paul . Jewelry. M 4

? Lane Jas. L . Billiards & Cigars. L 4

Mailery Frank . Harness. K 4

^ McCook Louis. . Implements. M

C McHugh Allison B . F.stel.

S3 Mcinnee Bros _ H’ware, Farm, «£c. F 3

£ Mitchell W. A. R . Drug a

S Nelson C. H . Livery.

Zschooley F. H..... ..Printer & Pub’r. 4

BSSmiih A. E . . . Implements. K 3%

£ fctoltz F. A . Ret. Lumber. F 3

(Branch of Irricana.)

Weicker Alvin . Meat. 4

SWeleieBros . Blacksmiths. M 4

Wheeler Arthur . G. S.

a Wisdom R. N . ...Implements. 3

AETNA.— 11 E

X, Tel., A Cardston

Bfctes W T . G. S. & B’ smith. H 3)*


On C. & E. Branch C. P. R.— Ex., Dom. -Tel., C. P. R.— A Pop. 150

T Atlas LumbenOo. (Ltd.) . Retail. B+l

(Branch of Calgary.)

Bowers A. K.. . . . G. S. G 3

fflCoombe Jas„ . Implts. & Livery.

S Coombe & Soper . Livery.

SCrowle Richard . Blacksmith. M

Z Edwards Dr. W. F. . Drugs. K 334

Elclridge Hugh . Meat M

8 Flet Thus, & Son . . Blacksmith. M 4

Z Grant John . . Chop Mill. M 4

Hunt E. (Mrs. G. W.) _ Restaurant. M

Jenkins Wm. R . G. S. F 3

S Johnston Thos . B’smith & Implts. L 4

T McCracken J. A... _ Gro. & B. sfeS.L 4

E McDonald & Blackader . Hotel.

ISPuntus Frank . Implements.

^Southwell Geo.. Tobacco & Billiard©. M 4 IStuart W. & Co.... . Lumber. O+Py

(Branch of Calgary.) a Wilkinson R. B. . .H’ware & Harness.

(Also Tilley.)


On C. P. R.— Ex. Dom.— Tel. , A Okotoks. 5 M

fc Hicks A.Z..... . . G.S.G 3

(Branch of Okotoks.)

"McPherson Robert . Harness. M

S Moore Geo . Blacksmith. M

Rowland A. W . . . G. a. 3

3 Thome M. J...... Livery & Billiards. G 3

Wilson Wm. . Restaurant. 4

ALIX.-8 £

On C. P. R., Lacombe Branch, and G.T. P. E., Tofield to Calgary Branch— Ex., Dom. and Can— Tel., C. P. R. and G. T. P.-A- Pop. 207

XAlix Oil Co. (Limited) . . .

Z Andrews S. C . Printer & Pub’r.

Findlater A. C . Tailor. M 4

C Frisch Gottlieb . . Hotel.

"IGlobe Dumber Co. (Limited) ..Ret. 2

(Branch of Calgary.)

«HennC . Harness. L 4

3 MacDonald Duncan A . Furniture. K 4

Mackle J. R . . . Meat. H 83s

(J Mather Alex . Flour kb Feed. G 3

DMocutcheon J. M.... _ Undertaker. M

McKenzie W. H . .....Jeweler. L 4

® Mitchell Frank . Implements.

S Nelson E . . . Livery

J<Nix A. E . Bakery & Confec. M 3 $6

Panrucker & Holland. . . G. S. H 4

Selles J. W . Billiards & Cigars. M

£ Shore Dr. A. E . Drugs. K 334

hate Everett A . . G. S.

UToepfer Robert L.... _ Implements. K 334

^TrickeyE. L . . . . . G.S. H 3

ft Williamson J. H... . Hardware.H 3)4

SWoolgar Chsa.„ . Blacksmith. K 3


X, Tel., Ex.. A Warner

Grady & Whitty . - . G. S.


On C. P. R. Wetaskiwln Branch— Tel., Ex.,

A Hughentlen, 0 M.

IChivas James. .Temp. Hotel & Implts. K 334

Fish R. W. & Co . G. S. & Lumber. J 3>a

HNystrum N. P...... . Implements. L 334

S Phipps Charles . . . Livery. L 4

fflRud «fc Lawley.. .H’ware & B’smiths. J 334

ANDREW.— 7 E X,Tel„ Ex.t A Lament, 25 M. ♦Andrew Farmers’ Trading Co. (not

inc.)...... . ...G. 8.(dJ K 334

® Carey E . . Implements. G 3

Whitford A.... . ....G.8.F 3

CWoollsy Geo . . . . . Hotel. G 334

ANGLE LAKE.— 7 F X, Tel., Ex., A Vermilion, 30 M.

AlcotG. J . . . S. J 334

ARDK088AN.-7 E

On G. T. P. R.,Hain line— Tel., Ex., A Ed¬ monton, 17 M.

Card George . . . G. S. M

SHfcnsonC . Blacksmith. 4

Williams Charles H. ....... ......G, S. 4

1 Canada




Tel., Ex., A Gleichen

Harron Stanley . G. S.


On O. N. R—Tel., Gov’t. & C. N. R. Ex., C.N.E.— A— Pop. 600 ^Anderson F. C Billiards & Cigars. M Athabasca Bottling Works (not inc.),

Mlrs. Aerated Waters M

Athabasca Fish Co. (not inc.) . . M 4

3 Athabasca Funeral Supply Co. (not

inc.) . . . (<*;F 3

B Athabasca Hardware Co. fnot inc.)


C Athabasca Hotel Co. (Limited)... . 3

Athabasca Landing Cafe . . . M 4

T Athabasca Lumber & Supply Co.

{Limited) . Lumber, H 3ft

•fr A tkabasca Trading Store (not inc.

Olo., Men a Furn’g & B. «fe S.

Bleaw Frank J . ...Restaurant M

Brault & Viens . . . G. S.

A Campbell Miss. F. F . Notions &

Children’s Wear. M

“Chisholm Wm . Harness.

S Clark R. E . . . Blacksmith. M 3ft

Cordingley & Thorn _ _ _ Clothing,

Men’s Fum’g, B. & S. & Furniture. “ICornwall-Gautnier Lumber Co. (not

inc.) . Retail. 2

T Crown Lumber Co. (Limited) _ Ret. B+l

(Branch of Calgary.)

ZCull H. F . Drugs & Stat’y. H 3

S Days & White . Livery & Auction. 4

HD neck’s Hardware Co. (not inc.). Ret.

m Falconer F. R . Hardware, fdj F 3

Falkner W. H........ . Photos. M 4

Farrell & Will........ Com’n Brokers.

OFrlgon Frank . Plumber. M

T Gagnon Isaie.... Saw Mill & Lumber. B+l ft

+ Ganepf P . . Tailor. M 3ft

Genereux Saul N . Billiards & Cig. M

Grand Union Hotel Co. (Ltd.). .Hotel. 2 ✓Haekett’s Cigar & News Store. Tob. <fc

Newspapers. L 3ft

Hees & Goupil . Meat 2

HHenkleman & Shaire Implements. G 3ft THogne Moses . .Gro. M

Hudson’s Bay Co . . G. S. A aAI

(Branch or Winnipeg, Man.)

Hyman D. G., Men’s Furn’g

Boots & Shoes.

X Johnston Chris...... Baker & Confec. M 3ft

•frKeho© W. C.. Clothing, Men’s Furn’g

& B. & S. X 3ft BKeir David . Implements. E 2ft

Knowlton R. C . Jewelry. M 4

Lemieux A . . . Meat. M 4

S Leng Geo. H . B’smith & Implts. 3

MacLeod Alex . . . G. S. H 3

Neya Peter . Aerated Waters.

(See Athabasca Bottling Works.)

C Northern Distributing Co. (Limited),

Whol. Liquors. J 3ft

SNorthern News Co. (Ltd.) _ _ Puh’rs. 3

Northern Transportation Co. (Ltd.)... D 2

Z Oliver Jas. Dr . Phys’n & Drugs. G 3

S Olivier E . Livery. H 3ft

Peace River Trading & Land Co.

(Limited) . G. S. & Traders. AAAI

(Branch of Edmonton.)

Pratt C. H. & Co. (not inc.)... ,G. S.&


PEennison W . Fruit <fc Confec.

Revillon Freres Trading Co. (Ltd,),

G. S. <fc Traders. AAAI (Branch of Montreal, Que.)

Schleuder O. B . Jeweler. L 4

Stoker & Co..D. G„ Men’s Furn’g &

B. & S.

Swanson G . Restaurant. M 3J6

3 Varin Ray . . . Furniture G 3^

/ Violette Thos.. Cig. & Bowling Alley M

S Williams Wm. T . Blacksmith. L 3ft

Zanboulis P... Ees’t, Billiards & Cig. M


On C. P. R.— Tel., C. P, R. Ex., Dom.~ A— Pop. 500

Alexander W„ . . . . . J eweler. M

Ashton H. M. B.. Temperance Hotel.

XBirmeW. G . . . . Painter. M 4

2 Brett R. G - Drugs & Temp. Hotel. C 2

Brewster Trading Co. (Limited) . . G.S . D 2

Brewster Transfer Co. (Limited) . E 2ft

Burns P. & Co. (Limited) . Meat. AAAI

(Branch of Calgary.)

S Collins W . Blacksmith. M

XCrossi John . . . . ... Confec. M

A Fear G. & W . ..Photos & Curios. G 3

QGlennon J.. . . . Plumber. M

Grand View Villa. .Temperance Hotel.,

(See R. G. Brett.)

+ Haberdashery The . Men’s Furn’g.

+ Haggars E Co . Men’s Furn’g. M

Harmon Byron . Photographer. L 4

1 Jordan M. H . Saw MilL

CKlng Edward Hotel Co. (not inc.) _

S King Edward Livery Co. (Limited)...

Madsen C, C . Restaurant.

IB Martin Robert B . Flour & Feed. F 8

Mather Wm.. . Boat Livery. H 3ft

+ McGowan J. A . Tailor. M 4

MitchelltreeW.L . . . Meat. 4

P Mofiat C.W . Dairy. 4

C Mount Royal Hotel .

National Park Drug Co. (notin c.) .

(See R. G. Brett.)

XPrior Mrs. C. R...... .Fruit & Confec. M 4

O Rae David .... Plumber & Lumber. K 3ft

S Richardson <fe Fowler... News & Cig. M S Richardson W. G.. Billiards & News.

E Sanitarium Hotel Co.(Ltd. ) . Hotel. F 3

TSerra & Trono . Gro.

Sign of the Gnat Co. (Ltd.).... Curios.

L Standish S... . . . . Contrac tor. G 8

£ Stenton C.E . - _ _ Hotel.

(Also Bankhead.)

X Unwin Sidney J _ Confec. & Curios. M

OWattJas . . . Plumber. M 4

White D. & Co . .. G. S. & Lumber. IS 2ft

Yashida T . Japanese Goods.

T Young C. A . . . Gro. M 4


On C. P, R.— Teh, C. P. R.— Ex., Dom—

A Banff, 5 M.

B Bankhead Mines (Ltd.)..Coal&Hotel. I

(Branch of Montreal, Que.)

Bankhead Trading Co. (not inc. ) . G. S. 3

Burns P. & Co. (Limited) . Meat. AAAI

(Branch of Calgary.)

E Cascade Hotel .

BAROO.-7 £

On G. T. P. R., Tofield to Calgary Branch TeL, Ex., A Tofield, 5 M.

Finseth, Iver & Co . . G. S.

BAR HILL.— 11 E X, Tel., Ex.. A Lethbridge.

Hendrickson G. T . .. . G. a M 4

Windsor Isaac . G. S. M

BARNEY.— 11 E X, Tel., Ex., A Taber

HDevereaux Hardware Co . Retail.

TEnrightJos . . . . . Gro. 4

Farmers’ Supply Co . G. S.


On C. P. R.— Tel., C. P. R.— Ex., Dom- A Taber, 5 M.

Beckner H. C . ...G.S. J 3ft

BARONET.— 10 D X, Tel., Ex., A High River

Bulford S. R. . . . G. S. M




On C. P. R. Tel.,C. P.R.— Ex.,Dom— A

S Allen & Hunt . Blacksmiths. M

S Allen Norman C-.-B’smitli & Implta.

Annabie W. D . G. S.

“I Crown Lumber Co. (Limited) . Bet. B I

(Branch of Calgary.)

S Gowe J. A . Livery. E 3ft

SC Hansen Hardware Co. (not inc.) . G 3

3 Harris A . B’ smith & Implta. M

McKay Bros . Billiards & Cigars. K 3ft

McKay J. R.. Men’s Furn’g & B. & S.

Murray * Cooper . G. S.G 3

Neilson Peter . Boots* Shoes. K 3

T Pioneer Lumber Co. (Ltd.) . Retail. C 3

(Branch of Lethbridge.)

Jl Rasmussen N. P . Flour* Peed. 4

C Steinbart Frank . Hotel.

Tighe John J . Hardware. H 3ft

ZWallwin Dr. W. E . - Drugs. J 3ft

Welsh Alfred . Restaurant. M

1 Western Canada Lumber. Co. (Ltd.)

RetaiL D+2

(Branch of Claresholm.)

Wixom O. C . Harness. M


On G. T. P. R., Tofleld to Calgary Branch —X, Tel., Ex., Can— A

Bailey & Dore . G. S. E 2ft

li Bashaw Eugene & Sons . Grain. D 2%

(Branch of Edmonton.)

Blatzer C. C . . .

Smond James . Meat. M 4

Grant Geo. F. . Implements. K 3ft

Holt Norman J.. .Irnplts. & Harness.

Z Imperial Lumber Co. (Ltd.) Retail) 2 (Branch of Wainwrights

Jacksbaw John . Bowlicg Alley.. M 4

♦LedgerwoodN. E . G. S.

PMaddison C. W . Fruit & Coulee. M 4

C Nielson J. C . Hotel.

9 Raemer George H. .H’ware* Implta. H 3)6

Z Raynor H. S . Drugs * Stat’y. M 4

Schech F. J . J eweler. J Sft

ASchech Maud (Mrs. F. j.). ..Millinery. M 4

A Stonehonse W. H . G. S.

SWellanBros . Blacksmitha M 4

Whitby Store, The . -...Hardware.

Wiebe Isaac . Billiards & Cigars. M

S Williams W. R . Livery. M


On C. P. R.— Tel.,C. P. R.— Ex. .Donx.~A —Pop. 550

Akers G. D . Secondhand Goode. M 4

V Alberta Electric Co., The (Limited.) 3 Alberta Pyrofugont Flooring Co, (Limited.) . Mira. 3

Allen John T... . Livery & F. & F. L 3)6

T! Atlas Lumber Co. (Ltd.) . Retail. B 1

(Branch of Calgary.)

S Bassano News Publishing Co. (Lim¬ ited) . Printers.

(Also Langdou)

Bassano Trading Co. (not ino.) . . .G. 8. 3

(• Bassano Well Drilling & Automobile

Co. (Limited) .

S Burdett Thoa . Blacksmith. M 4

Chase W. A . Tailor. M

Connally A. T . . . Jeweler.

T Crown Lumber Co. (Limited) . Ret. B+l

(Branch of Calgary.)

Daehler & Plumer . Implements.

Davis T. F _ Implta., Flour & Feed.

Dwigans R. 8 . Billiards & Cigars. M 4

8 Exchange Stables . Livery. 3

C Ferguson & McClary . Hotel.

S Ferguson N. D . Blacksmith. 4

Flanagan Bros . Hard ware. H 3

Gebert Geo . Meat. 3

3 Gerber A. J„ Men’s Furn’g * B. * S. <